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EXCEED SPORTS & TRAVEL | Multi destinations DMC for sporting events and tourism

We have been working as DMC in travel and sporting events planning, building great travel experiences for all age travelers for many years, by keeping exceeding your expectations. Our multilingual travel specialists are in constant search of something new, something different, something just tailor made for you, by offering a perfectly balanced combination of engaging sporting activities, cultural encounters and adventures. All ingredients key to our success.

Our History

It keeps growing...

It all started in the 90s with guiding backpackers through the jungles of Costa Rica's Tortuguero area. Often we had to get off the river boat and push, as it’d get stuck in the shallow water…caimans staring at us from not so far.... and by the end of the afternoon being welcomed by local families.

After nearly a decade in the business, we decided to endeavor our own project, as a family-run Incoming Tour Operator. We looked for partnerships and projects similar to what we were doing and started to develop great travel experiences for families, groups, and students ever since.

The growing interest in Costa Rica not only as an eco-destination, but also as a peaceful spot for cultural interchange, led us to develop sporting events and travel programs for multi-sports teams. We achieved important partnerships in the US market, through which we have now hosted dozens of Universities, Colleges, Academies and clubs from all around United States.

In an effort to continue developing tailor made travel programs, filled with challenging sporting activities, adventures and cultural encounters, we have become a Multi-Destination Management Company and we are now proud to offer a wide variety of other destinations: Spain, Italy, Argentina, Belgium, Holland and of course Costa Rica. And there are still more to come, because…we never stay put!